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After publishing his prior work “LAND ESCAPES,” GOTO’s motif shifted to the landscapes of Japan. His works are captured with a sweeping perspective of Earth in the context of the universe and Japan in the context of Earth, manifesting a new worldview with their unique compositions and color perceptions that bear resemblance to abstract paintings. “LAND ESCAPES FACE” is a collection of photographs that reflect a fascination of earth elements seen in the volcanic country of Japan, using snapshot-type techniques to capture the fragments of landscapes.
Art post paperboard, which was commonly used for art books in the 1950s–60s, is used for the cover so that the colors will age beautifully. The inside pages are premium Satin Kinfuji paper, which has a silk-like texture. The simple cover is designed for beautiful whiteness and aging so it can be kept on the bookshelf for years to enjoy.
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Published  5th Jan, 2015  
Photographer GOTO AKI
Art Director Aiko Goto 
Translator  Lisa Kimura 
Publisher traviaggio publishing
Total pages 60P  40 photographs
Size 257 × 364 mm
Price ¥ 2,800 + tax
Printing Company Noge Publishing
ISBN 978-4-906757-01-5