Adobe Max Japan 2019
Lecture & Talk 

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As part of GOTO AKI's creative activities, he has been focusing on educational activities to promote the culture of photography in Japan and abroad. (Supported languages : Japanese and English)

Lectures, Talk Shows & Judges
Please feel free to contact us from [Contact] if you would like to discuss or request a talk show, lecture about GOTO AKI's work or as a judge for a contest.

Canon Hong Kong 2018
Selected Activities

・Digital Camera Fair 2020 Photo Contest Judge
・Part-time Lecturer, Musashino Art University
・Canon EOS Academy Tokyo, Instructor

・Adobe Max Japan Lecturer
・Lecture for Society of Scientific Photography, Japan
・AKAAKA art publishing "Talking about photo books and exhibitions" talk show
 ( w/t Kimi Himeno )
・Part-time Lecturer, Musashino Art University
・Photo Exhibition "Terra - the faces of the earth" Talk Show 

( w/t Naoko Ota,  Kentaro Komon )
・Canon Photomarathon Japan tour 2019 Instructor
・Photo exhibition "terra" talk show ( w/t Hideaki Takahashi )
・Photo exhibition "terra" talk show ( w/t Shuichi Iketani, Kimi Himeno )
・Photo exhibition "terra" talk show ( w/t Daijiro
Ishihara )
・Photo exhibition "terra" Lecture (w/t Shuichi Iketani, Kan Mimura)
・CP+ Canon Booth
・Canon EOS Academy Tokyo Instructor
・CP+ ADOBE Booth
・Canon Photo Contest Judge
・Yodobashi Camera Photographer Seminar
・CP+ Canon Booth
・Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University
・Canon Hong Kong EOS R Lectures (Hong Kong)
・Canon EOS R Lecture (Tokyo, Kumamoto, Kanazawa)
・Canon EOS Academy Tokyo Instructor
・Year thru Judge of "Photo Contest" magazine (2018-19)
・Miyagi Prefecture  High School Photography Exhibition Judge and Lecture
・Canon Photomarathon Japan tour 2018 Instructor 

・CP+ Canon Booth 
・Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University  
・Canon Asia Workshop & Lecture (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
・Canon Asia Lecture (Jakarta, Indonesia)
・Canon EOS Academy Tokyo Instructor
・Canon Utsunomiya Factory's Photo Contest Judge & Talk Show

  (W/T Kumon Kentaro)
・Canon Singapore Photo Marathon Jury 
・Canon Photomarathon Japan tour 2018 Instructor

・Photography Exhibition "EARTHSCAPE" Iwao Gallery Talk Show
・CP+ Canon Booth 
・Canon Photo Clinic Japan tour 2016 Instructor
・Canon EOS Academy Tokyo Instructor

・Tokyo INFINITY Lecture 
・Photography Exhibition "LAND × FACE" Talk Show
・Canon Calendar "Elements" Lecture

・OPEN TALK SHOW Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
  (w/t UI Makiko )
・Musashino Art University, Special Lecture
・Water silence Saga Castle Cominica Exhibition 

 (w/t Hideaki Takahashi, Yuki Anai )
・Takeda Art Culture ( w/t Hideaki Takahashi, Yuki Anai )